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Those in search of the best sushi and Udon noodles in town will not be disappointed in West L.A., also known as Little Tokyo. Predominantly comprised of Japanese-Americans, the area is one of only three official Japan towns in the U.S., and it was named a national historic district in 1995. There are numerous cultural attractions, monuments, Buddhist temples and museums in Little Tokyo, including the Japanese American National Museum and the Geffen Contemporary art museum.

For many years, West L.A. did not have much to offer in terms of residential real estate, so it was mainly a center of the arts, culture, and religion for Japanese-Americans. The area has traditionally been home to many great options for shopping and dining, but there has been a recent boom in residential construction. This is due to the fact that West L.A.has a relatively low price point in comparison to the neighboring locales of Santa Monica and Westwood. As a result, a surge of younger residents have moved into the neighborhood from the surrounding areas.

Living in West L.A.

Residents of West L.A. are certain to enjoy the Stoner Recreation Center, which includes a water park, a number of barbecue pits, a baseball field, basketball courts, a football field, an indoor fitness center, a soccer field, tennis courts, and volleyball courts. One of the most popular annual events the community celebrates is the Cherry Blossom Festival, which is sponsored by the West L.A. Japanese American Community Center. Little Tokyo is also known as one of the most prominent areas to find great food in the city. In fact, the area features a bustling row of Japanese restaurants and a wide array of eclectic markets. Most of the best restaurants, Sushi and Udon noodle shops are located on Sawtelle Boulevard. This makes it extremely popular with hip young professionals and students.

Located within close proximity to the beaches, Westwood and Santa Monica, as well as several freeways, West L.A. is a popular destination for tourists and local residents alike. The area is maintained and protected by the West Los Angeles Sawtelle Neighborhood Council, which helps to ensure that real estate in the area is a solid investment. Certified in 2003, the council seeks to provide representation and advocacy for the diverse interests of everyone with business or personal interests in the area. Some of the events the council is involved in include the Clean Streets initiative, matters involving the area’s Civic Center, and more.

Real Estate in West L.A.

With the recent boom in residential building, it is possible to find newly constructed homes and former commercial spaces that have been converted into hip new residences. There are plenty of condominiums to choose from on Santa Monica Boulevard, Sawtelle Boulevard and Bundy Drive. Homes in Little Tokyo can range from $500,000 to $1.5 million, depending on the location, type and condition of the property.

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