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About Irene Tsu, Beverly Hills Chinese-Mandarin Speaking Agent

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If you are looking for an agent who has the inside track in finding you a home in Beverly Hills and other Westside Areas from West Hollywood, Sunset Strip, Westwood, West LA, Santa Monica, Brentwood, Bel Air and Malibu. Irene has over 20+  years of experience in local markets and is a Beverly Hills resident for over 30 years  Irene Tsu speaks 3 dialects of Chinese  and works with US and International clients.  Whether it is buying or selling homes, investment properties or advisory services, Irene can provide you with the knowledge essential for making quality real estate decisions that can affect your future.

Irene attended UCLA film school and had a long & successful career as an actress with over 70 TV and film titles including” Green Barets” with John Wayne, “Paper Tiger ” with Toshiro Mifune, “Down and Out in Beverly Hills” with Bette Miller  and prime time TV shows such as”CSI” “Law ans Order” “Cold Case”  Irene became a well known name and face in the “Wiki Wiki Dollars” campaign for Standard Oil Company as well as the spokesperson for “Hawaiian Punch” for Proctor & Gamble.  She is is voting member of Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Science.

Most of all Irene enjoy helping people by improving their body, mind and spirit through yoga. Irene is a certified Bikram Yoga teacher and practitioner for over 30 years. I conduct weekly classes at the Bikram headquarters in Beverly Hills

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Co-Star w/ John Wayne   Co-star w/ Jeff Bridges   Co-star w/ David Niven   Co-star w/ James Mason